Tapping – To Tap or Not to Tap

Tapping – what is it?

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) or Tapping is a wonderfully simple process that produces rapid and lasting results.

EFT, or tapping as it is commonly known, is an acupressure technique using your fingertips. When combined with focus on the issue at hand it clears emotional attachment and re-frames negative beliefs and behaviours.  It has helped thousands of people be free from issues even when more  conventional therapies such as talking therapies have had limited or short lived results.

How does Tapping help?

Everyone has an issue or circumstance in their life they would like to change.  Ask yourself these questions:

  • What one thing would you change about your past?
  • What is the biggest challenge in your life right now?
  • What is the most important thing you want in your future?

We are all a product of our combined past experiences, influences, relationships and beliefs formed about ourselves and our world along the way.  Often we are not even conscious of these beliefs or how they operate and show up in our reactions, decision making and emotions.

Tapping - writing on the wall

Working with an EFT (tapping) practitioner

Working with a practitioner can help you resolve deep seated issues from your past, deal with  difficulties you are experiencing now and give you the confidence and motivation to have a better future.

Clients typically feel like they have had a weight lifted from their shoulders even from the first session. And although each person experiences EFT differently, most notice real positive changes in all aspects of their life and not just the problem or issue they set out to tackle. This is because our feelings, emotions and beliefs impact us in ways we are totally unaware of on a conscious level.

Using Tapping for yourself

EFT can also be taught as a self- help tool. Once mastered is yours to use for life on any challenge that comes your way. Imagine what it would feel like to be free from them all those things that have been holding you back from the future you desire. Keeping you stuck in the past or unable to enjoy the present. Now imagine you also had, literally at your fingertips, a simple tool to use any time or place to deal with emotions or issues as they arose so they don’t become a problem in your future.

tapping with fingertips

What can you use Tapping for?

Tapping works on anything and everything we want to change about ourselves but can be broken down into 4 main areas which are:

  • Symptoms and Side Effects of Life
  • Emotions and Feelings
  • Events and Traumas
  • Limiting Beliefs

Each of these are interlinked in some way and resolving one can inevitably have a positive effect on another. Especially when it comes to identifying and resolving our limiting beliefs which drive our response to everything.

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