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Tapping – To Tap or Not to Tap

Tapping – what is it? Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) or Tapping is a wonderfully simple process that produces rapid and lasting results. EFT, or tapping as it is commonly known, is an acupressure technique using your fingertips. When combined with focus on the issue at hand it clears emotional attachment and re-frames negative beliefs and…

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Social Anxiety – From Social Worrier to Social Warrior

Social Anxiety Social Warriors have the art of socialising down to a fine art don’t they? No social anxiety for them! They breeze into a room, without a care in the world? Totally un-self conscious and able to hold an interesting and witty conversation with anyone about anything. Social Warriors find it easy to be…

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Overwhelmed by Overwhelm

Do you realise you are overwhelmed by overwhelm? The feeling of overwhelm is one all of us experience to some degree throughout our lives. Many of us experience it on a daily basis but in a low key manageable way. That feeling of having too much to do, but not enough time to do it.…

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