Social Anxiety

5 ways to overcome self doubt in the workplace

Self doubt in the workplace can be one of the most destructive and negative emotions of all. Self doubt can creep into every area of your life, undermining and holding you back. But nowhere is it more insidious, more lonely, or more frustrating than when it affects your livelihood. When self doubt strikes in relationships…

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Unhelpful Behaviour – Symptoms and Side Effects of Life

What are the symptoms and side effects of life? Tapping helps to eliminate those patterns of unhelpful behaviour that show up in your life. Even when you don’t know where they are coming from or what has caused them. These are the things you struggle with in the here and now on a daily or ongoing…

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Social Anxiety – From Social Worrier to Social Warrior

Social Anxiety Social Warriors have the art of socialising down to a fine art don’t they? No social anxiety for them! They breeze into a room, without a care in the world? Totally un-self conscious and able to hold an interesting and witty conversation with anyone about anything. Social Warriors find it easy to be…

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