My Mission

I want to reach out to all women who have lost their confidence or their mojo and who want to take their life to the next level. Generally speaking, women today are constantly juggling and spinning plates. Managing careers and businesses, being the centre of their families, supporting others.

It can be a lonely and difficult place and I am here to show you that you can have it all, without anxiety, self doubt or feeling like you are not quite good enough.

I help women to help themselves and find and grow their confidence whilst remaining feminine.

If you are ready to take control of your life, your emotions, your happiness and your future, I am ready to work with you!


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Life Coaching

You will benefit from everything I have experienced and learnt. You get to 'hot spot' off the confidence I have developed until you find your own. You have me to support and champion you every step of the way on your journey to true inner confidence and healing.

I give you whatever you need including bucket loads of accountability, stretching of your boundaries and nudging you out of your comfort zones in a practical, emotional and supportive way. You will have the space to cry sometimes, to laugh often and to build a sense of purpose, determination and inner strength. You get to experience the success you deserve in your personal and business life.


Many of our unhelpful patterns of behaviour and negative feelings or emotions are a result of our past experiences. And whilst some of the things that create blocks for us or create anxiety and unhappiness are easily attributable to obvious life experiences (some call it baggage),  others can be much more tricky to identify and deal with by ourselves.

Often we feel stuck in cycles we can't get out of or we self sabotage or procrastinate but we don't know why.

Tapping, one of the most talked about new techniques of the 21st century, helps to clear these old patterns and literally rewire or re-programme our brains so that we can move on and feel better about ourselves.

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"Gets results. Challenges, digs deep and knows her stuff"

— Pam

"Chris is your port in a storm. She is a force of nature who energises you and is committed to your success."


"''At the onset, if I had been told how much of a transformation or impact this would have on me I wouldn't have believed it at all. I cannot recommend Chris highly enough - I have been on an incredible journey of personal transformation beyond belief, for which I am truly grateful!''